Follow the Wall

One of the foundational pieces of an outstanding housekeeping routine is the discipline to follow the wall. When I learned this principle it was a professional life changing experience. I encourage you to follow this principle.

When following the wall there are several items to remember. They are:

1)    End in the kitchen (or at least have the kitchen as close to the end as possible)

2)    Depending on where the kitchen is will determine if you are following the wall with your left hand or right hand.

3)    As you go around the property look top to bottom. In other words look at the top corner of the wall to the bottom of the base board.

4)    Use furniture, counters, or differences in flooring to create invisible walls to ensure you visit every part of the property. (If this was not done, in many properties you would miss kitchen islands and in eery property  you would miss walking around furniture in the middle of the room.)

5)    If there are multiple levels to a property. You could do each floor as its own section.

6)    When doing dressers or cabinets, start with the bottom and work your way up. This allows for a more efficient flow around the property.  

This principle has served me well when I clean and when I inspect. Every part of the property is looked at. This includes closets, cabinets, under furniture, and behind doors.

Following this pattern creates a repeatable process that allows for quality and speed to follow as the work is completed.