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On October 1, 2001, everything I knew about housekeeping changed. That was my first day at on the job at Deer Valley Lodging, in Park City, UT. At the conclusion of this one day I would have changed everything about how I managed and trained all my past housekeeping departments. I learned about setting housekeeping crews, managing the work load, the arrival board, follow the wall, and much, much more. What a great day of learning!

As my time in the housekeeping world has progressed I have learned about managing a laundry, the cleaning process, how to be compliant to HR laws and OSHA regulations, and all the other details and knowledge it takes to manage and run a successful housekeeping department. 

I do have to admit, the greatest lesson came when I realized that housekeepers are memory makers. The work they do is an integral part of the memories made in the properties they clean. Even though the guest or owner may never see them, what the housekeeper has done will leave a lasting impression.